Location is key to creating a successful event, and New York has a special energy all its own. We can connect you to state-of-the-art gallery spaces with an open, contemporary feel. As they are available for both short term and long term events, it’s easy to accommodate your needs and find the sophisticated yet friendly spot that’s right for you. Whether you’re aiming for one memorable evening, or several fantastic weeks or even months, we’ll help you to achieve your goal. Our experienced staff and years of experience will assist you and take care of all the details related to holding an amazing art exhibition or any fine art related experience in New York City.

Create an extension of your gallery in New York City.

We offer the opportunity to galleries from around the world to open a branch of their gallery for a time in New York's art district. From bare walls to a complete PR package - we offer a range of services that will make it easy for you to open an extension of your gallery in New York City for short or long term.

Contact info@rentgalleryspace.com for more information